Front Side Solutions Technology Consultants
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Founded in 2004 and incorporated in 2006, Front Side Solutions was created as a technical services and technology consulting firm with a focus on supporting Audio/Video needs for the Corporate, Government and Educational marketplaces.

Darryl "The Code Father" Lovato:
As founder, CEO and El Presidente, Darryl brings over 18 years of industry experience to Front Side Solutions and is one of the foremost specialists in control systems on the West Coast. From Residential, to Commercial, to working for a few manufacturers, Darryl has seen the AV business from all sides, giving him a vast array of knowledge and experience.

Chris "The Professor" Russell:
As Vice President and the Chief Technology Officer, Chris ensures that the Front Side Team is always up on the latest and greatest trends in technology. Chris is most known for his ability to make just about anything work. A self admitted geek, he is none-the-less not afraid to get his hands dirty when required to keep projects moving along.

Jason "I'll Make It Work" Debus:
As Senior Programmer, Jason has over 15 years industry and programming experience. Jason's forte is "ginormous" systems; like sports arenas... Of course he'll also take on just about anything you throw at him and if you tease him with something he hasn't seen before, hell figure it out and "make it work",


Katie Lovato:
As Administrative Assistant, Katie is the one who keeps the wheels greased. From invoicing to travel arrangements, she makes sure the rest of the team has what they need to stay on task.

Everyone Else:
Although a small business of less than 5 Employees, there are many others on the Front Side Team that help us provide you with the best service possible. From our Graphics Designners, to our CAD and Trusted Programming Partner Network, their support allows us to handle projects beyond the scope of small businesses.